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Orders showing as "Complete" means that the transaction was complete!

This means your payment went through successfully.

This dot NOT mean your order was delivered, though.

You will receive multiple email updates regarding the status of your package:

Order received - Pending processing:

Your order has been placed and we will send out a purchase order to the vendor once the sale event is over.

PO sent:

Our single bulk-purchase order was sent to the designer/vendor for the quantity sold during the sale event.

Items being prepared by supplier:

Our single, bulk purchase order was sent to the designer/vendor and are awaiting shipment to our fulfillment center.

Items awaiting carrier pickup:

Your order has been packed and needs to be picked up by the courier in order to get to you! Live tracking is not available until the carrier has scanned your package and received it into their system.

Items Shipped:

Your item has shipped! This will include the tracking number for the particular item/package.