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Willem Pillow MassagerWillem Pillow Massager




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Product Details

With the Willem Pillow Massager, you can avoid all these frequent problems:

 -muscle stiffness and soreness, stiff neck, dizziness 
-sleep quality and snoring  
-severe cases cause respiratory obstruction and affect life safety / back of the brain is uncomfortable, the face is oily and easy to get sleepy.  

 Sleep better with the Massager portable Willem Pillow Massager!



 Willem Pillow improves cervical sub-health, physical traction to restore cervical curvature.  

Three different massage mode, Green, Blue and Purple, represent the strength of the three different modes, the frequency is chosen according to their own comfort.  

Willem Pillow is easy to carry, portable and durable.

High temperature resistant lithium battery, cycle charging. 



Applicable parts: neck  
Size: 39*13*7cm  
Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester  
Input: 5V, 1A  
Rated power: 1W  

3 color code:
Blue: vibration mode 1  
Green: vibration mode 2  
Red: vibration mode 3  
Replacement Patch |  50Pcs
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